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Vissen in Langeland, Denemarken


Hier een vangstverslag van mijn goede vriend Stephan Lau uit Numbrecht(Duitsland) van zijn week in Langeland.


Hi Peter.

How are you my friend?

It is very nice that Marian is very well. I am glad about it.

How was your trip to Danmark?

My trip was very fine. I had only sunshine and we could fish 7 days with the boat.

But i caught only 2 kabeljau. There were only a few of them. The best result i heared from people were 6 kabeljau over 50cm. But this in 10 hours fishing.

The mean the Kabeljau in the moment only like the eggs of Hering.

I caught very much of very nice flounders, Schollen and a few very good Kliesches.

Our boat Trips were about 2 til 3 hours.


The only 2 Kabeljau of this Trip. Both 45cm.



2 good Founders.


At morning:

12 Flounders for me and 5 Flounders of Maik.


At evening:

14 Flounders for me and 1 Flounder of Maik.



At morning:

9 Flounders of me.


At evening:

12 Flounders for me and 5 Flounders of Maik.



At morning:

18 Founders of me and 7 Flounders of Maik.


At evening:

6 Flounders of me and 2 Flounders of Maik.



13 Flounders of me.


Over all i caught 83 Flounders from 30 til 48cm. Many peaces under 30cm i put back.

I am free of work from 07.06.2008 – 22.06.2008. Perhaps we can go fishing for Eel from a boat at your place? I think it is near the time you will be ready with the sleeping room of Romy.

I am looking very forward to see you again.

Best regards from Stephan to you, Marian, Romy and Robbin.

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